Chienkun Domain @ Silkroad Place serve as a place for cultural interaction. * Design & service by C. K. Foundation 2008 *
乾坤閣Chienkun Domain

For more than 2000 years, the mysterious Silk Road has
connected East and West, interweaving people and cultures from
opposite ends of the world. Today, Chienkun Domain at Silkroad
Place, situated in the heart of Chinatown, NYC, allows people to
experience the most unique cultural symphony of East meeting

The Domain serves both as an opportunity for cultural interaction,
and as a window into the fascinating and profound ancient Chinese
culture. Silkroad is housed in a 200-year old brick building that
describes much of the early history of New York City, and with it,
the development of a young nation

Further, Chienkun Domain provides for the study of Chinese culture
and language. It is the place where one can grasp the essence of
Eastern wisdom, while being an equally relaxing spot for immersion
in the adventure inherent in Western culture.

At Silkroad Place you will find both Italian Cappuccino and Chinese
Dragon Well tea. In Chienkun Domain you can enjoy the art of
Chinese music, chess, calligraphy and painting. The convenience
of the Internet and good times of karaoke are also at hand. All in
all, it is the House of Harmony relished by young and old.

的纽约華埠中,处于Silkroad Place絲路网咖中的乾坤阁是一个

也有电脑网络,卡拉OK, 融合东西老幼的和谐之家。

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